conspiracy against iran

 1) National Geographic uses the false name of "Arabian Gulf" in their atlas. They also call the three Iranian islands in the Persian Gulf "occupied by Iran" in the same atlas, and use Arabian names for the Iranian islands, including Kish.

2) Discovery channel airs a most biased "Documentary" about the Spartans which they air at least once a week, over and over again. In this documentary the Persians are referred to as the "barbarians" and are pictured as very dark and incompetent warriors. According to this documentary some 300 spartans beat the armies of some 30,000 Persians. It is never questioned once in the documentary that the sources of this version of what happened were Greek... The Persians known as the "Barbarians" in the documentary, are belittled throughout the film, while the Greek Spartans are the superior heroes. At one point the female commentator states that the Western world owe their gratitude to these Spartans who saved the West from falling into the hands of the Persian barbarians, and that if it were not for them, the West could have been very different today. She goes on by saying that if it were not because of the heroic actions of the Spartan warriors, the brutal barbarian Persians would possibly have conquered Europe and the Europeans would have become the slaves of the Persian barbarians..... something like that. Incredible! The Persians who in those times did not approve of taking slaves...were a brutal barbarian people.... I don't know what to say...

3) Discovery Channel airs a documentary about ALexander the Great. In this documentary, as well, the Persians are called "barbarians" and are pictured as inferior, brutal barbarians.

4) Hollywood comes out with a new and very biased film about ALexander the Great, in which the Persians supposedly are pictured as semi-black Africans..... and everything else in the movie is upside down as well....

5) CNN airs a segment about the high demand on "Islamic art" in the auction houses of the West. Never mind that 95% of all the art is Iranian/Persian.

I can sense a heightened conspiracy going on against Iran and Iranians. It's about us, the uncivilized, brutal barbarians against the superior and civilized West (Represented by the Greeks). And in this conspiracy, our heritage, the Iranian civilization and culture is the victim side by side with history.

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