Iranian Kings in the Bible

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-Despite ancient Greek, European and even Arab documents reiterating Persian Gulf has always belonged to Iran, there are calls by some Arab states for changing the name of the Iranian sea.

April 30 is Iran's national Day of Persian Gulf to show the world that the name will never be distorted by baseless claims and demands.

Persian Gulf is located along Oman Sea and between Iran and Saudi Arabia. It is spread over 233 thousand kilometers and is the third big gulf of the world after Mexico and Hudson Gulfs.

The ownership of the Persian Gulf has been violated by expansionists since 15 century.

Historical documents say ancient Greek people used the name of Sinus Persicus meaning Persian Gulf in their books; therefore, there is no doubt in the name since it was first used by valid sources who were not Iranian.

Also all written historical sources from Pythagoras itinerary written in 570 B.C. to the works produced by 1958 have used the term of Persian Gulf.

But some Arab states referred to the Iranian area by Arabic Gulf in their informal talks and over last years some Arab writers named Persian Gulf with different equivalence including lower sea, Bahr al Asfal, Bahr al Sofla and Bahr al Tahtani.

Until 17 century all documents had called the Iranian sea Khalij al Farsi, Bahr al Farsi, Bahr al Ajam, and European countries named it Sinus Persicus, Persian Gulf, Persische Golf and Golfo di Persia meaning Persian Gulf.

Also the works of Moroccan Muslim scholar Ibn Battuta, the Greek born historian and geographer Yaghout Hamavi, the Iranian poet and writer Hamdollah Mostofi, literary man and historian Hamzeh Isfahani, philosopher and poet Naserkhosro Ghobadiani and writer Ibn Balkhi are among ancient figures who have referred to the Iranian sea as Persian Gulf in their Arab-written books.

But the name of Arab Gulf was first used by British agents working in mandated Arab Sheikhs territories. A British political representative in Persian Gulf Roderick Oven wrote his book "Golden Bulbs at Arabic Gulf" in 1958 in which he said "I had not seen any name expect Persian Gulf in geographical books and maps before, but having lived in Persian Gulf coasts I found only Arab people live there, so it is polite to call it Arab Gulf."

Observers say Roderick Oven and Sir Charles Belgrio used the name to make division between Iran and Arab states.

Sir Charles Belgrio who served as British political representative in Persian Gulf for 30 years published a book and claimed Arab people prefer to name the sea Arab Gulf.

Shortly after his book, the term of Persian Gulf was replaced by Arab Gulf in Arab and English press.

For the first time 11 years ago Iran voiced strong objection against Iraq, certain Arab states and Britain for changing the name of Persian Gulf and Iran's customs and post organizations refused to accept shipments carrying the name of Arab Gulf.

It also gave reaction to the forged name of Arab Gulf when the term was used by Arab representatives in international meetings.

Iran has held a meeting in Tehran to arrange Persian Gulf encyclopedia with the presence of political and military officials.

Iran's former President Mohammad Khatami, former Parliament Speakers Mehdi Karroubi and Ali Akbar Nateq Nouri, Palestinian and Iraqi ambassadors to Iran, Salah Zavavi and Mohammad Majid al Sheikh, Iran's Supreme Leader Advisor Yahya Rahim Safavi and the Leader's representative for Palestinian affairs have attended the meeting.

The books of Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Haggai, Zachariah, and Malachi were written during the time of the early Persian Kingdom. The following are some of the early Persian Kings according to listed books of Bible:


NAME Date B.C. Persian Name Bible Name Bible Background Cyrus 539-530 Koorush Cyrus Isaiah 45, Daniel, Ezra 1-3 Cambysses 530-521 Cambujieh Ahasruerus Ezra 4-6 Pseudo Smerdis 521 Berooyeh Doroughi Artaxerxes Ezra 4:7-23 Darius the Great 521-486 Darryoosh Darius Ezra 5,6 Xerxes 486-465 Khashayarshah Ahasurerus Esther 1-10 Artaxerxes I 464-423 Ardeshier Deraz Dast Artaxerxes Nehemiah 1 - 13, Ezra 7-10

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