(UNESCO) Deputy Director General

UNESCOdeputy: My comments regarding Persian Gulf name

Bam, Kerman prov, Dec 28, IRNA -- The United Nations Educational,
Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Deputy Director General
Dr. Munir Bouchenaki said here Monday, "I have officially declared
before Iran`s representative at UNESCO that my words concerning the
name of Persian Gulf have been misinterpreted".
In a ceremony to unveil the golden plate of registration of Bam`s
old citadel in World Heritage List, Bouchenaki said, "UNESCO is not an
entitled source to nominate the world geographical sites.
Deputy director general of UNESCO added, the organization operates
upon UN resolutions and declarations.
The official said, "According to the existing documents in UN the
water way between Arabian Peninsula and Iran is called the Persian
So, the UNESCO will naturally use only the name which has been
registered in the UN official documents, he concluded.

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