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To the arab abuser:

As the  most famous Arab scholar  such as Mr.  Professor Abdul Saeed Moneam , Majdei Omar , Abdul Hadi Tazi, Ghalagei, Abdrahman Rashed   had wrote :

“There is no even a single book or map, document or any written or oral literature in Arabic or other languages in all over the world before 1950s to refer to this body of water as Arabian Gulf? All the maps even those which drawn by Arabs refer to this body of water as khaleej or bahre Farsi (Persian) and its equivalent.” (click for Arabs scholar opinions
Anger of Iranian people and even Iranian government was not merely because of a parentheses name on national geography, it was an anger after 30 years of toleration
 the Persian gulf historical name as a heritage of yours and ours fathers and ancestors have do not  deserve of that harsh treatment that conducted by Arabs ultra nationalist and even takfeery sect we had tolerated Arabic mass media as they had referred to it as the new name of Arabian in the past 20 years,  but we raised our voice when we noticed  Arabs officials and institutions except(al Ahram weekly) not only refer to this body of water as its new name but also in translation and republication or in reintroduction of old documents , ancient books or maps they started to change its original word of khaleej al Farsi(Persian Gulf) to Arabic gulf and translate word Persian to Arabian ??! I had listed at least 20  ancient books and maps even those of Arabic that recently in new edition , the original name of the Persian gulf (bahre Farsi) had been deleted or translated to Arabian gulf !?!.i.e. (Ibn Battue’s travels and atlas of pre Islam of Arabia). This is contrary to the UN and UNESCO conventions and no body can  accept exteremist Takfeery,ultra nationalist,illogic ,unscientific way of conducting to the  ancient name of  (khaleej- al Farsi) Persian gulf  this approch is even contrary to your  norm  for names like of Mediterranean, Egypt ,Jordan , Tigris , Euphrates and many other names,) We had been silent in favor of unity  but we didn't received any mutual respect regarding historical truth from arabnationalist  toward the heritage of an ancient  nation who has been there since pre history time .Iranian had never tried to changed names like Arab sea  to  Persian sea  , shat al Arab to Arvand or 
 Caspian sea  ..... to Iranian although there are  many references in ancient  book and maps to Persian sea , Arvand and Iranian sea name but on contrary  there was a strong claims and many books and article on false basis on Iranian ancient territory and geo name , many hatred anti Persian material in Arabic book which insulting Iranian heritage  and language in the past recent 20 years we were hopeful  that it have been finished but unfortunately Iraq event once again fueled it on  baseless claim and this was the erupt of Iranian people  over   the national geographic map.  


According to the resolutions of the U N Conference on the Standardization of Geo Names, all geographical places must have officially a single name to avoid confusing in this age of digital and information era. According to professor Abdul Hadi Tazi Arabs have raised a local alternate name for Persian Gulf but this had been rejected by the conference and even UN secretariat in 2 occasions or more have announced that internationally recognized name of the Persian Gulf and its equivalent in another  5 UN official language is only recognized name of that body of water.
Professor Tazi also added “Current existence of 6 Arab countries is not a legal reason to change a name with 3000 universal usage background”.
 There are more than 184 resolutions of 8 UNCSGN conferences.

resolution No 9 of 8th conference in Berlin calling for RESPECT to historical name  in geographical NOMENCULATURE as the heritage of ...see page 55  of 151

 so we strongly believe  petro $$ of thePersian gulf  region is entitled to be used for promotion Of brotherhood, peace, sustainable development and Eradication of illiteration and povertynot to be used for  Geo name change and provoking hatred, racism andExtremism.

The “Arabian Gulf” actually refers to the present-day “Red Sea “in antiquity and the gulf west of Alexandria in Egypt coast. See atlas of The Arabian Peninsula in Old European Maps (253 maps) by Khaled Al Ankary and click this article Herodotus  or  :    Persian Gulf Organization..  ..


Best Regards

Mohammad Ajam   faculty of political science 


please respect the historical truth

wrong reference in  Article by ....

The  reference in your website  the  new  term "Arabian Gulf" is historically and legally incorrect. According to all historical, geographical books ,maps and international documents, such as United Nation's directives and the  U NCSGN, the body of water between Iran and Arabian Peninsula is only called "Persian Gulf .

The “Arabian Gulf” actually refers to the present-day “Red Sea “in antiquity and the gulf  of west  Alexandria in Egypt coast. See atlas of The Arabian Peninsula in Old European Maps  and click :    Persian Gulf Organization..  ..


Please be aware that in legal terms, the United Nations has twice recognized the legality of the term "Persian Gulf" (UNAD 311/March 5, 1971 and UNLA 45.8.2 (c) on August 10, 1984). It is significant that all Arab countries have signed the UN documents. For further information consult the following links:

It is a remarkable fact that the portrayal of geographical nomenclature by your site is at odds and at variance with the actual legal documentation of the UN and to the resolutions of the  .UNCSGN UNConference on the Standardization of Geo Names,  are you  aware of this ?
all Arab scholars up to the 1960s have also referred to the body of water as its Historical name "Kahleej-al-Fares" (Persian Gulf) See atlas of The Arabian Peninsula in Old European Maps (253 maps) by Khaled Al Ankary Tunisia and Atlas of historical maps of persian gulf  by S.M.Ghasmi UAE. or Atlas of IRAQ's  maps  by Ahmad Susa.(click for Arabs scholar opinions:

Iranian had never tried to change geo name due to national intrest  like Arab sea , Oman sea   or   Caspian sea  Persian or Iranian sea  although there are  many references in ancient  book and maps to Persian  and Iranian sea.
The invention of "Arabian Gulf" was initiated by a political advisor of  Emir of Bahrain(Sir Charles Belgrave ( 1926-1956)  his initiative was rejected as an uncorrect reference at the time .  see TIME Magazine's August 27, 1956 entitled "The Uncontrollable Genie). Sir Belgrave's failure did not restrain Mr. Roderic Owen (an employee of British Petroleum in the 1950s) from reviving the project of name change for the Persian Gulf.
The misapplication of terms, such as using the old term for the Red Sea (Arabian Gulf) instead of Persian Gulf, was an ingenious step in creating geopolitical and popular friction between Arabs and Iranians which  can cause  confution and a mess of geo names .

Note that many schoolars and Mass Medi  such as CBC( Mr. Germain head of Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) after carful study of the case have  removed  all references to "Arabian Gulf" and now  correctly refer to the body of water as The Persian Gulf. .
It would be appreciated that the geographical error be rectified as soon as possible. Your attention to this matter is most appreciated.

Best Regards

Mohammad Ajam   faculty of political science 

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